"Lights on" Series

I am preparing a collection of instructional guides to assist business owners with a variety of today's most popular and innovative onine business tools.


Lights on Facebook - A Facebook Guide for Business Owners

Lights on Facebook 3d


This instructional guide teaches business owners how to harness Facebook to build a social community and attract paying customers.  The information covered is not merely the mechanics of how to use Facebook, but includes best practices, Facebook etiquette and valuable time saving tips to assist owners using Facebook effectively without feeling burdened by yet another administrative task.

60 pages.  Currently available only in e-book format (PDF)   Soft covered book available soon.


$12.00 CDN


Lights on GoDaddy Email

godaddy email cover 

Step-by-step instructions on setting up your GoDaddy email to sync with your Outlook, iphone or other Email Management software.

Complementary - No Cost   


My Mission

My mission is to support and assist business owners to be more successful using innovative online marketing strategies.  It is my belief that marketing should be ethical, transparent and virtuous.

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Lisa Francis
President & CEO

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