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The Reverse Partner Referral (RPR) Program allows Bright Lights Marketing to refer trusted professionals to my clients for services I am not able to directly support myself.

As I work with my clients and understand their business, I often find they are in need of services I am not able to support. Rather than turning away these clients to fend for themselves, I prefer to support them by matching them with qualified service providers.

Bright Lights Marketing is creating an alliance of trusted, quality service providers, to whom I feel comfortable referring clients. This alliance includes partners from a wide range of complementary service offerings. Examples of services include, but not limited to:

  • Search Engine Marketing;
  • Graphic Design ;
  • Social Media Support;
  • Website / Marketing Content Writer;
  • Desktop Support & Maintenance;
  • Administrative / Business Support;
  • Accounting / Booking Keeping;

We limit the number of partners in each service category to maximize success for our partners.

Benefits of Referral Partner Program

We believe that the RPR Program is a winning solution for all parties involved. The program is good for our clients, good for our partners and good for Bright Lights Marketing.


Our clients benefit by being directed towards trusted, proven service providers who can support their needs. This eliminates time for them searching for a suitable professional and reduces the risk to them hiring a less-than-professional provider.


Undeniably, the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth promotion. This program places eager hot leads in the hands of our partners.

Bright Lights

My company benefits by ultimately expanding the degree to which I can support my clients; albeit indirectly. I am positioning Bright Lights Marketing as the ‘go to’ source or hub for all of their technical and business needs.

Cost and Compensation

There is no cost to become a Partner. Bright Lights Marketing receives a small referral fee when a client-partner match results in new business. The referral fee is negotiated between Bright Lights Marketing and the Partner at the beginning of the Partnership Agreement.

Getting Started

Interested partners will complete a Registration Form providing details about their business and the services they offer. I will then contact the prospective partner to review the registration form, terms and agreements, referral fee and answer any questions or concerns the partner may have.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive your Registration form.

Who is Bright Lights Marketing

Bright Lights Marketing is an Internet Marketing company assisting businesses owners with using the Internet as an effectively marketing tool. Lisa Francis is the founder and primary consultant of Bright Lights Marketing. Lisa Francis has worked in the Information Technology industry for 25 years covering a gamut of roles and responsibilities: application designer & developer, business & systems analyst, project manager, internet marketing consultant and trainer. Her passion is to work with, teach and empower small businesses to grow their business. Bright Lights Marketing focuses on three pillars of support to our clients:

  • Website design, development and support; mostly using Joomla
  • Social Media support; Focus mostly on Facebook. Have done high level training on Twitter and Linked In
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our clients consist of small business owners and solo – entrepreneurs.

My Mission

My mission is to support and assist business owners to be more successful using innovative online marketing strategies.  It is my belief that marketing should be ethical, transparent and virtuous.

Contact Info

Lisa Francis
President & CEO

Phone: 403-519-6523
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.