Sharon Montgomery is a former teacher and guidance counselor who writes plays, songs, and articles. Sharon has practiced Reiki and Healing Touch for 25 years, and more recently, healing therapies through The ARC Institute (A Return to Consciousness). She wrote Your Invisible Bodies for children, in order to expand their understanding of health, healing, and being human.

Sharon lives in Calgary Alberta, where she spends her time writing, giving Healing Touch treatments, singing with the Calgary Raging Grannies, and having fun. She likes to hike, swim, and do Tai Chi. She has written many short stories for children which can be discovered on her website at

In the book Your Invisible Bodies there are photographs of Sharon’s aura, taken July 2009 by Gloria Bieber of Here they are, all you aura-curious people. Of course, she has other photographs showing different colours on two different occasions. For these ones, she had spent an hour quietly meditating before Gloria arrived at her home. Blessings abound!



This photograph of the author’s aura appears on p. 34 of the book Your Invisible Bodies. It says that the ability to see colours in a person’s aura is rare. How this photograph was achieved is explain on p. 38. This is one of three aura pictures taken by Gloria Bieber, of

At other times the colours were quite different, once predominantly gold and green, another time green and blue. This photograph was taken after the author had meditated for over 30 minutes. The colours reflect a contemplative serene mood and balanced chakras.