Now that I have moved into my new-to-me house I have a separate bedroom dedicated to giving healing treatments.  When clients come here for energy work, they will be welcomed to a quiet tastefully decorated room.  While I have training in Reiki, Healing Touch, and Crystal Healing, my preferred treatments are ARC Bodyspeak.  I became a certified practitioner in ARC last summer, after using the work for my own personal growth initially.  However, the work is so deep and so helpful that I knew two years go that I wanted to share this process with others.  I contacted my clients a few days ago to tell them I am ready to resume my practice, and we have appointments booked. 


ARC stands for A Return to Consciousness.  This practice was developed by Pietro Abela, a wonderful quiet wise man who lived in Powell River BC.  Since I lived there during my 20s and 30s he and I resonated with memories of the ocean, rocky beaches, trees, rivers, and wilderness.  Our mutual friend Denise Colman first told me about ARC.  She was a Healing Touch practitioner and Reiki master, yet stated that ARC was the next movement to take energy work deeper and further.  Now that I have completed the training I totally agree with her.


The difference between those other treatments and ARC Bodyspeak is that an ARC practitioner uses dialogue to gently question the client about what they are experiencing and feeling.  The client leads, and I follow with curious questions to explore emotional states that contribute to dis-ease.  I may use techniques from Reiki, Healing Touch, and Crystal Healing, if I sense that will help the client.  The silent techniques do not interfere with ARC Bodypeak but enhance it by releasing blocks.  My intention is to be present to the person, to listen, to care, and to help her/him reach clarity and respect for Self and Life.  There are no wrong answers to my sometimes ungrammatical questions.  The intent is to bypass the head and find out what the body is experiencing.  This is precious elegant work.  It is a supreme privilege to be present with a person doing this deep work. I am in awe of my present clients, and I look forward to seeing them again.