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To Set a Watchman

Last month I read 'To Set a Watchman' by Harper Lee.  It is her second novel, with her first one, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' published several decades ago. In this second novel more stories of Chief's childhood are shared, which makes me think that original manuscripts were used when Harper Lee's descendants decided what to publish in this book.  It is a good read, and totally captures the mood and attitudes of 50s society in the southern states.  Not that I would know, except from watching the news at that time! 

I have listed other books on my other website WordsByMontgomery (a wordpress one I created years ago).  I knew that I would not remember all the books I read in 2015.  It has been a rich and rewarding year.  So many books.... so little time.  I am glad I am retired.  Reading helps me continue to grow.

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Keeping it Simple

Greg Habstritt emphasized in his first free video about becoming a successful entrepreneur, that you had to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  The most frequently used word from readers of my book Your Invisible Bodies is that it is SIMPLE.  That will become part of my new brand when the third printing comes out.

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The Star Inside An Apple

Since my book is being prepared for another print run, I have the opportunity to update it.  Lisa Arsenault, my current graphic designer, has located a great photograph of an apple with the cut showing the star-shaped core.  She suggested I add text to the page.  After <30 hours of reflection, here is the new text.

The first time I saw the star inside an apple, I was surprised.  I was an adult and had always sliced an apple from the stem down.  I had no idea that if you cut an apple across the middle, you would see the core in the shape of a star. 

This showed me that when I do the same action over and over again, without thinking of other possibilities, I don’t learn anything new.  To cut the apple crossways is to think differently.  Testing a different possibility always brings new learning. 

Besides, the beauty of an apple is not its outer appearance.  You have to bite into it and eat it  to receive its goodness.  What is inside a living thing matters more than its outside.  It is the whole apple that feeds us.  The next time you eat an apple, pay attention to it and be grateful. 

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‘Up Close and Spiritual’ at Our Angels

Four of us will be at Our Angels Centre for Well-Being this Sunday, November 14, from 1-4.  Roger Joyeux, Helena Kalivoda, Tina Thrussell and myself will read from our books.  We’ll be open to any and all questions about our books, our process as writers, how we came to publish these books, and what do we really believe – ACTUALLY.  When we held a similar reading at the Nan Boothby library in Cochrane, we had a great night.  It’s always good when I hear my colleagues read from their books and express their thoughts in such an intimate setting.  Quite inspirational in fact.

Our Angels is at 2009 33rd Avenue S.W., in Marda Loop.  The store has lovely gifts including special treasures for your friend who adores angels.  They also serve a wide selection of herbal teas, so come.  Sip, listen, muse and respond.  We would love to see you.  FREE!

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Inner Star Meditation

I have made an audio version of the Inner Star Meditation.  That particular meditation is written for children and is three minutes long.  It is introduced when the book (and power point version) introduce the concept of our inner star.  From p. 16:

Our spiritual body is a part of Spirit inside us. This body is with us from birth.  When we were born our spiritual body started as a spark of energy from outside.  It is like a star inside, which grows throughout our lives.  This star, or light, can never go out, no matter what happens around us.

You can find this mp3 file, for free download, here.

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