Gaia & God

I have just finished reading 'Gaia & God' by Rosemary Radford Ruether, published in 1992.  While it is over 20 years old, its ideas are new to many people.  Ruether examines premises in the creation stories of Hebrew, Greek, and Christian traditions, bringing a fresh feminist analysis to the reasons why these stories promote certain attitudes amongst its followers.  Ruether takes a very wide view of human history, which fits well with my other current non-fiction book 'The Sixth Extinction'.  She includes exts from different religious sources, and explains the far-reaching consequences of these choices.  The last chapter has ways to heal the earth, which is a good template for those presently grappling (poorly) with climate change.  I need to return the book soon to the lender, so this records my thoughts and feelings.  I am glad I read it!


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