Prayer for Fathers Day

Prayer of/for the People, Knox United Church, Sunday, June 15, 2014

Precious Spirit, be with us today as we share in this worship service, and meditate on your love. Be present in our hearts, minds, and souls, as we relax and connect with you.

Our prayer is one of thanksgiving. Thank you for this place, for the people gathered within this building. Thank you for your love, which has been described in 1st Corinthians, and to which we aspire to use toward others. Thank you for this wonderful city, and for the people who live within. Thank you for the Rivers, and for all the streams that gather toward these rivers and move across this land. Thank you for the trees, grass, animals, insects, wildflowers, rosebuds, dandelions, and the full teeming life of this land. Thank you for the sunlight, rain, and winds that blow across our land. Thank you for placing us here. Be present as we celebrate life.

Thank you for parents. Be with each of us as we think of our parents now, remembering what they gave us .... Thank you for brothers.... Thank you for sisters.... Thank you for aunts, uncles and cousins ...   Be with each of them, wherever they are, however they are. Help me to know them and understand them.

Thank you for fathers. In particular we ask that you are with the families of the three Mounties that were shot in Moncton last week. Be with the wives and children of Dave Ross,   Douglas Larche, and Fabrice Gevaudon as they grieve. Strengthen them for the long journey of their lives ahead, knowing that they are changed and shaped by their loss. Be present with the people who mourn with them, and are overwhelmed with sadness at the reality of death.

Thank you for mothers...thank you for placing us in families that have taught us so much.... Remind us of your love and your acceptance, as we look into our children’s faces, and see our parents and grandparents.

Thank you for children. It is through them that we are challenged and entertained and loved back. Remind us that there are no responsibilities too great to bear for the parents of these precious little ones. Be with us when we don’t know what to do, and restore our faith in love and caring, as we love ourselves as well as our children.

Thank you for grandchildren, for it is when we become grandparents that we understand unconditional love even more. Within your grand plan for humankind we fumble along, trying to live as you would have us live. When the grandchildren arrive our lives become richer and dearer. Children are such a gift! Bless my new great-grandchild Beatrice Vantera Seniunas, and her parents Riley and Nicole.

Thank you for those who never marry, and never have children, for theirs is a different life that honors a different way of being. We cherish these friends, who bring life and newness to our families, and who inspire as well as add more love. Your love extends to all people. No one is separated from your love. While those of us in families experience connection in our faces, your love is present and connected in the souls of everyone. Let us honor that connection, and rejoice in life. Let us join hands with those outside our families, and celebrate the dance of life together.

Thank you again for being here, for being with us in this place. Help us to live gracefully during this transition year as we meet and welcome new people into our community. As we move into the summer months help us appreciate sunlight and visitors and travel. May we continue to make connections with other souls, and may our souls be restored.

Thank you for your love.

Thank you for giving us the life of Jesus, who showed us how to live and how to love.

May peace and goodness follow.



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